This project create opportunities for artists while supporting charity and empowering women. Based on a unique business model outlined below, the project operates as follows: 1. Artwork Management: Collaborating with artists, including painters, photographers, and other artists, the project manages their artworks from creation until sale. 2. Charity Support through Sales: Artworks are sold in collaboration with investors and collectors to support charity. 40% of the revenue from artwork sales goes to the artists, 40% is allocated to charity, 10% to base chain community and 10% for managing. 3. Women Empowerment: The revenue generated from artwork sales allocated to charity is used to support women in need and empower them. This includes providing financial assistance, education, and social support. 4. International Expansion: While the project starts from operations in base chain community, its primary goal is global expansion. This provides an opportunity for investors to participate in the international development of the project and empower women worldwide. I would recommend getting in touch with the Marketing team. Marketing plays a crucial role in promoting the project, attracting investors, and raising awareness about the initiative's goals and impact. They can help devise strategies to reach a wider audience, engage potential investors, and enhance the project's visibility in both the art and charity sectors. Additionally, collaborating with the Marketing team ensures that the project's message is effectively communicated and resonates with the target audience, ultimately contributing to its success and sustainability.